Peer-reviewed publications

Peer-reviewed publications

Published papers

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Submitted papers

Resler et al.: Challenges of high-fidelity air quality modeling in urban environments – PALM sensitivity study during stable conditions. Submitted to Geosci. Model Dev. Preprint:, 2024.

Bauerova et al.: Measurement report: TURBAN observation campaign combining street-level low-cost air quality sensors and meteorological profile measurements in Prague. Submitted to Atmos. Chem. Phys., 2024.

Geletič et al.: Monitoring a simulace kvality ovzduší v mikroměřítkové úrovni; hot-spot Praha-Legerova. Submitted to Urbanismus a územní rozvoj, 2024.

Patino et al.: On the Suitability of Dispersion Models of Varying Degree of Complexity for Air Quality Assessment and Urban Planning. Submitted to Build. Environ. Preprint:, 2024.

Esau et al.: A city-scale turbulence-resolving model as an essential element of integrated urban services. Submitted to Urban Climate, 2024.